Cleaning Vehicle for Track and Grooved Rails

To the public transport company VAG / Freiburger Verkehrs AG, ZWEIWEG has delivered a cleaning vehicle for track and grooved rails type ZW200. Base vehicle is a MAN TGS 18.420 4x2. The vehicle for the rail gauge 1000 mm is propelled on rail by a hydrostatic drive. The cleaning vehicle has a FAUN sweeper body type Viajet 6 with a container volume of 6m³ and fresh water tank for 1,900 ltr. A second high-pressure water pump has been installed in order to operate additionally a surface cleaning bar. For cleaning the grooves, the vehicle has a lowerable suction carriage with cleaning components such as scratch chisels, high-pressure nozzles and suction shoes. Additionally, the vehicle disposes of a track switch lubrication device.