Transport vehicles

ZWEIWEG transport vehicles are always the right solution when people, tools or material have to be moved on the track. From a small pickup for transporting the inspection staff or track construction workers up to a large 40-ton truck for transporting concrete elements, for track construction everything is possible. In conjunction with attachments, cranes or loading platforms, the transport vehicle becomes a self-loading work unit.


  • Transport-an-Gleisen_Zweiwege-Pickup.jpg

  • Transport-auf-Schienen.jpg

  • Transportfahrzeug-fuer-Gleisanlagen_Volker-Rail.jpg

  • Transportfahrzeug-fuer-Gleisanlagen_Volker-Rail_Zw

  • Transportfahrzeug_Gleisanlagen.jpg

  • Transportfahrzeug_Zweiwegefahrzeug_Rheinbahn.jpg

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  • Zweiwege-Transportfahrzeug-Pickup.jpg

  • Zweiwege-Transportfahrzeug.jpg