As the manufacturer, we are your best partner when your vehicle from ZAGRO, GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN or ZWEIWEG is getting on in years and needs modernisation. 

Such modernisation of road rail vehicles may include for example new painting or upgrade to LED lighting.  
The modernisation or upgrade of a locomotive is designed more extensively. Prior to any modernisation work, the efficiency of the planned measures is to be examined in detail. Our aim is to improve the efficiency up to 25 %. 
The scope of measures includes the installation of a new diesel engine, replacement of the control system, radio remote control, brake system, conversion of diesel electric locomotives to hybrid version, or even the complete modernisation including a new driver cabin with ergonomic operator stations and air conditioning. 

We ask you to send your inquiry about modernisation by E-Mail to the responsible persons below. Please state the serial No. of the vehicle as printed on the type plate and add some appropriate photos.

  • DE60C-Hybrid---DE500-C_Lokomotiven_Modernisierung

  • Modernisierung_Rangierfahrzeuge_Waggonbremsanlage

  • ZAGRO-E-MAXI_Modernisierung.jpg

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