Transport vehicles

ZWEIWEG transport vehicles are always the right solution when people, tools or material have to be moved on the track. From a small pickup for transporting the inspection staff or track construction workers up to a large 40-ton truck for transporting concrete elements, for track construction everything is possible. In conjunction with attachments, cranes or loading platforms, the transport vehicle becomes a self-loading work unit.


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based on Sprinter

ZAGRO is developing a rail transport vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Two Sprinter variants can be implemented for road rail use: panel vans or flatbed vans. The ZAGRO road-rail equipment will ensure that the van moves very safely and quickly to the place of use. Especially in passenger transport, safety has the highest priority. In addition, the vehicle offers sufficient storage space for equipment and material. With the Sprinter road-railer, you will make the ideal choice for the maintenance and service of your modern track infrastructure.

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