TERBERG/ZAGRO Truck up to 2800 tons

The new rail-road tractor TERBERG/ZAGRO Truck RR222/282 is designed for pulling gross combination weights up to 2800 t. The special vehicle is built with standard parts and reliable top quality components. The long-standing experience and bundled knowhow of the two specialised manufacturers TERBERG Benschop B.V. and ZAGRO combines their core strengths in special vehicle technology and road-rail technology.


Proven drive system 

The main feature of this tractor is its driving system: two driven axles are designed to meet any requested track gauges and ensure high traction. Since the track gauge of the front steering axle is considerably wider than the drive axles, the tractor can be operated with a very small turning circle of 13,5 meters.

High-capacity wagon brake system

Furthermore, its high-capacity wagon brake system ensures maximum supply in idle condition to save fuel - for the benefit of the operators.

EBO approval

TERBERG/ZAGRO Truck has been approved as per § 32 Railway Construction and Operations Act (EBO) for shunting operation on public rail infrastructure.

Easily accessible for service work

The tilting driver cab and easy to open fiberglass covers allow easy access for maintenance.

Rescue vehicle with box body

The three-axle TERBERG special vehicle will also built into a rescue vehicle. Equipped with a box body, the road/rail vehicle with technical devices and rerailing tools is a compact rescue vehicle. The box body offers sufficient space for a crew cabin for max. five persons and a tool compartment with hydraulic rescue equipment.

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