Rerailing and recovery vehicles

based on truck chassis

ZWEIWEG vehicles for rerailing and rescue operations are available on base vehicles of all weight classes and with individualized superstructures. 

Adapted to customer’s requirements, they are equipped with:

  • Rerailing equipment
  • Auxiliary towing car DOLLY
  • Tool kits
  • Winches
  • Work hydraulics for tools
  • Generators
  • Loading crane
  • Tail lift

The operation site can be reached on the shortest route by rail and road. This results in the fastest reaction time. The damaged rail vehicle can also be towed with the ZWEIWEG vehicle.

  • ZWEIWEG Aufgleisfahrzeug

  • Zweiwege-Bergefahrzeug Ladog

  • Zweiwege-Bergefahrzeug

  • Zweiwege-Bergefahrzeug_Strassenbahn bergung

  • Zweiwege-MAN Bergefahrzeug

  • Zweiwegefahrzeug_Bergefahrzeug

  • ZWEIWEG_Aufgleisfahrzeug_Niederlanden


based on Unimog chassis

Based on the Unimog with two-way technology from ZAGRO, the rerail and recovery ehicle is available for rail and road. Due to the box body, the vehicle offers sufficient space for the rerailing equipment.

According to the customer's requirements, the vehicle offers the further attachments:

  • Storage box for tools
  • Winches
  • Work hydraulics for rerailing equipment
  • Generator
  • Front weight with coupling system

Thanks to the two-way equipment, the vehicle is quickly on the spot both on the road and on the rails. With the rerailing equipment, a derailed rail vehicle can be rerailed and towed to the depot for repair so that the closed section can be eopened as quickly as possible.

  • MVB Aufgleiser Hilfszüge

  • MVB Magdeburg Unimog_Hilfszug

  • Unimog Aufgleisfahrzeug Kofferaufbau

  • Unimog Aufgleisfahrzeug Wiener Linien

  • Unimog Hilfszug Indien

  • Unimog U 423 Hilfszug

  • ZAGRO road-rail rescue vehicle Unimog U423 Mauritius II