Rail grinding vehicles

By the driving and braking forces of modern trains, the track systems are strained enormously. In order to ensure long-term safe rail operations, the rails showing signs of wear and tear must be regularly grinded. This removes profile changes, grooves, dents, corrugations and other unevenness. For grinding the rails of tram, metro and mainline tracks, ZWEIWEG has individual and economical solutions based on different vehicle sizes with matching grinding concepts and systems.

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  • Zweiweg Schienenschleifen

Rail welding vehicles

To produce jointless tracks, flash butt welding is increasingly being used on rails all over the world. This method offers considerable advantages. 

  • Constant and reproducible high quality of the welds
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment, especially for high speed tracks
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Enormous time saving compared with conventional welding procedures

In combination with this innovative welding technology and the ZWEIWEG rail drive systems, we produce very efficient and reliable flash butt rail welding vehicles.

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