Overhead maintenance vehicles

based on truck chassis

Construction, maintenance and repair works on overhead lines for trams, metros and railways are carried out economically with ZWEIWEG overhead maintenance vehicles. The installed equipment is selected for your individual requirements. This results in solutions with telescopic, scissor, piston or joint platforms, in insulation or grounded version. Crew cabs, wire manipulators, catenary measurement systems and tool boxes, for example, are available as additional equipment.

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based on Unimog chassis

Thanks to its ZAGRO rail guidance system, the Unimog road vehicle becomes a flexible two-way vehicle. Equipped with a telescopic, scissor or articulated platform, the Unimog road-railer serves as a work vehicle on rails. With such equipment, the Unimog is perfectly prepared for construction, maintenance and repair work on overhead contact lines. A crew cabin or platform can be mounted additionally.

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The CATLAD S is the innovative alternative to a rail ladder. It is approved as a mobile elevating work platform according to EN 280. On road the CATLAD S can be transported with a passenger car trailer. On rail it is manually moved to the place of operation. To compensate track cants the mast can be aligned manually. The work basket can be moved laterally to enlarge the work area and is raised electro-hydraulically by a petrol generator.

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The CATLAD L creates an economical and flexible access for various kinds of work on the overhead line. It is approved as a mobile elevating work platform according to EN 280. Thanks to the crawler chassis rerailing is almost anywhere possible. The hydrostatic driven rail drive system enables a speed of 19 km/h on rail to reach the operation site quickly. On the road it can be transported on a 3.5 t trailer.

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