Locomotives made to measure

Thanks to lean structures and a high level of vertical integration, GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH is able to supply locomotives precisely tailored to the requirements of the specific application. These locomotives are not off the shelf but customised.

First, it involves the construction of new diesel locomotives with hydrodynamic power transmission. As a future-oriented company and with a view to e-mobility, versions with electrical power transmission and other energy sources (hybrid, purely battery) were also developed.

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Steelwork locomotives

The structural basis of our heavy shunting locomotives is our platform for the steelwork locomotives. These two- (D25 B), three- (D60 C) and four-axle locomotives (D75 BB) are tailored to the harsh operating conditions in steelworks and other industrial operations. The construction ensures high pulling power and robustness, the maximum speed corresponds to the requirements of a pure shunting locomotive.

Many components (e.g. wheel sets, brake panel, driver's cab and vehicle control system) are identical in all locomotives. This makes operation and maintenance easier even with heterogeneous fleets.

Additional equipment such as radio remote control, automatic coupling, air conditioning and automatic start / stop system are optionally available for all locomotives.

Narrow gauge locomotives

We design our narrow gauge locomotives either as centre cab locomotives or with cabs at both ends (D75 BB-SE). The hydrodynamic power transmission with cardan shafts and final drives is particularly suitable for very small gauges (750/760 mm). The power, maximum speed, weight and clearance gauge of the locomotives are optimally adapted to the operating conditions.

Work locomotives for local transport companies

Whether for towing broken trains or for maintenance work on the infrastructure: Locomotives with an independent energy supply are required in such cases. In addition to the light versions of the D25 B and D75 BB centre cab locomotives, individual designs as special vehicles are possible.


D25 B

Though equipped with only two axles, the D25 B is a small power pack. Due to its weight of 45 tons, its tractive force surpasses the generation of former three-axle locomotives.


D60 C

Solid and powerful: In many steelworks, the length of the track system is limited, but the demands on the performance of the shunting locomotives are very high. The three-axis D60 C is therefore the right solution for use on connecting tracks.

D75 BB

The power pack: available up to a total weight of 90 tons. Due to the high adhesive weight of this two-bogie locomotive, high tractive forces are reliably transferred onto the rails.



High capacity on narrow tracks: During the development of the D75 BB-SE some very specific requirements were considered.



Flexible power supply: The DE75 BB is a robust shunting locomotive made for heavy-duty shunting service.

Special vehicles

For local transport companies (underground, suburban trains or trams), the boundary conditions are very individual.



The DE60 C Hybrid locomotive was modernised from the GMEINDER DE500 C. It is a robust switch engine for heavy shunting operation.