DE75 BB Hybrid

Shunting locomotive with electric power transmission and flexible power supply

Dual Engine / Hybrid / Traction Battery / Third Rail

The DE75 BB is a robust shunting locomotive made for heavy-duty shunting service. The electric power transmission, using four independently controlled traction motors, realizes an optimum utilization of the adhesion, and at the same time the use of different energy sources. Due to the symmetric composition of the locomotive, two independent energy sources are installed, e.g. two diesel gensets (Dual Engine Locomotive), or one diesel genset and a lithium-ion traction battery set (Hybrid Locomotive). Even the energy supply via third rail (DC 750 V) or catenary is possible. The symmetric composition of the locomotive continues in the power electronics: two independent subsystems are the guarantee for high availability of the locomotive.

Technical data

  • Length over buffers 14080 mm
  • Width 3080 mm
  • Height 4260 mm
  • Total weight 80 t 
  • Track gauge 1435 mm
  • Axle arrangement Bo‘Bo‘
  • Max. speed 100 kph (service mode / trailing mode)
  • Engine performance 354 kW or 2 x 354 kW
  • Starting tractive effort 260 kN
  • Consumables 1900 l diesel, 500 kg sand
  • GMEINDER-DE-75.jpg

  • GMEINDER-DE75-BB.jpg