We will take care of your vehicle from ZAGRO, GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN or ZWEIWEG when it is not in perfect order. 
We are there when unforeseen service work is needed. Minor repair work is performed directly at your operation site. Our nationwide service network ensures the availability and efficiency of your road/rail vehicles, locomotives, railcars and working vehicles. 
In case of accidents or major damage, we offer our full service for your vehicle. This includes the assessment of damages, examination of operability, transport to our factory, damage analysis and repair planning, preservation of evidence if necessary, as well as repair and return of your vehicle. 

We ask you to send your inquiry for the repair by E-Mail to the responsible persons below. Please state the serial No. of the vehicle as printed on the type plate and add the detailed description of the damage with some appropriate photos.

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  • ZAGRO Group Repair

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