ZAGRO Work Vehicles U 423 for Bangkok Red Line

Through our UK based business partner Design & Project Int Ltd., ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH received the order for the supply of two road rail vehicles. This exciting project was realized together with the group partners ZWEIWEG International GmbH & Co. KG and GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH. The two ZAGRO road rail vehicles will be used on the new metro Red Line in Bangkok. Design & Project Int Ltd. are responsible for the depot equipment.

The Thai Light Rail is currently realizing the multi-billion dollar mega-project "Red Line". With the construction of the elevated railway line, the Bangkok metropolitan area wants to get its high traffic volume and air pollution from cars under control. The Red Line is 40 km long and is being built in two lines that meet in the center of Bangkok at Bang Sue Station.

The Red Line will be available to general public as from July, before the railway goes into full operation in November 2021.

The two road rail vehicles already arrived at their destination and have successfully passed the final inspection. Thereafter, the training of the operating personnel by ZAGRO project managers took place. For the use on the metro line, ZAGRO has built the two Unimog U 423s with the environmentally friendly Euro 6 exhaust technology as work vehicles. This played a major role in the purchase decision for this city which is burdened by smog.

Equipped with a friction wheel rail guidance system, these vehicles can operate quickly and safely on the narrow meter gauge (1000 mm). For various maintenance work, one of the two work vehicles was equipped with a loading crane. The second vehicle received a ZWEIWEG HUBMEISTER access platform HM 15 TK with a solid load capacity of a maximum of 200 kg. The working platform is used for the assembly and maintenance of overhead lines.

In addition, the vehicles have a crew cabin for four passengers. These box bodies were manufactured in lightweight construction in cooperation with GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH.