Unimog 75th birthday parade

The Unimog celebrated its 75th birthday with an anniversary drive. 75 historic vehicles of all model series took part in the Unimog parade on 4 September 2021. Starting in Wörth, the legendary Unimog trucks drove via Karlsruhe to the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau. The parade was led by the prototype number 5 from 1946.

ZAGRO participated in this special event with two vehicles. As a member of the Unimog Club and a great Unimog friend, Wolfgang Zappel, Managing Director of ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH, took part in the corso driving his red Unimog U 100L from 1996 with double cab and fire brigade body. The second vehicle dates from 1988, a Unimog U 417 for forestry operations.

We are happy and grateful that our Unimog trucks were able to play a part in this moving event. The day will remain unforgettable.