Emission-free ZAGRO E-MAXI XL for the Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Hamburger Hochbahn AG opted for a battery-powered ZAGRO E-MAXI XL shunting device. The 15.9 tonne vehicle will be used on the underfloor wheel lathe system located at Hellbrookstraße 6 in Hamburg. Here, the electric shunter replaces the cable pull system due to accident prevention regulations. By switching off via two sensors, it is not possible to drive from the hall into the public area. The new owners are convinced of the ZAGRO E-MAXI XL, as the risk of injuries from the rope with hooks and the physically strenuous effort are no longer given.

In addition, the waggons that cannot drive autonomously are moved on a slope of 30‰ to bring them into the halls for repair. Especially in the production hall, the emission-free manoeuvring is particularly advantageous. Thanks to the all-wheel steering, the device can be easily manoeuvred in the tightest of spaces.

The ZAGRO team is proud to make an important contribution to greater safety and to make the work of the staff at Hamburger Hochbahn easier.