Unimog road rail auxiliary trains for Brussels transport company

ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH delivered two Unimog U 423 road rail vehicles to the municipal transport company STIB-MIVB in Brussels. In addition to the bus and tram lines, the company operates four metro lines. Every day, thousands of commuters and 1.1 million inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region are transported. Therefore, the public transport system cannot afford delays and failures. Flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the road rail vehicles played a decisive role in the decision to purchase a new one.

The vehicles are equipped with the ZAGRO turntable rail guide, which was developed for safe driving on the tight curve radii. Both Unimog road railer are used as tracked vehicles. They were each equipped with a front winch and a box body with hydraulic package for existing track equipment to put derailed trams back on the track. In addition, the Unimog were also equipped with an electronic brake system for controlling the tram brakes and a coupling bar to safely tow the re-tracked trams back to the depot for inspection.