ZAGRO Unimog U 423 shunting vehicle for Migros in Switzerland

The Migros Zurich cooperation, based in Switzerland, is one of ten Migros cooperatives, which is one of the largest retail companies in the country. Among other things, the cooperative has to supply many supermarkets, specialist stores and catering businesses with fresh goods. All its distribution centres are directly connected to the railway network. Especially in food logistics, hundreds of tonnes of goods are transported by rail every year. Therefore, the company is dependent on a fast and powerful helper.

Migros Zurich relies on the ZAGRO Unimog U 423 road-rail vehicle, which proves to be a real all-rounder. In the Herdern distribution centre near Zurich, deliveries of goods destined for the end customer are loaded every day. For this purpose, the vehicle provides optimal and safe support for the entire logistics team. The road-rail Unimog reaches the operating locations quickly and flexibly by road and yet counts as a fully-fledged rail vehicle due to its rail guidance equipment. In addition, the Unimog U 423 is not only the low-cost alternative to a locomotive, but is particularly convincing due to its compact size and manoeuvrability.

Reliable and flexible road-rail vehicles are ideal, especially on company grounds. In addition, the Unimog with ZAGRO road-rail equipment can effortlessly handle shunting runs for trailer loads of up to 800 tonnes / 52 axles. In addition to moving the freight wagons around the site, the shunting vehicle takes over the coupling and provision of the wagons for collection by the SBB Cargo long-distance locomotive.

By acquiring the Unimog shunting vehicle, our customer gains more flexibility, reliability and efficiency for its own logistics.

Learn more about the advantages of the two-way Unimog in this video.