ZAGRO RR 282 road rail truck performs shunting work in Burgos, Spain

A ZAGRO RR 282 6x4 road rail vehicle was leased to Adisseo in Burgos, Spain, through Feyter Iberia. Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts for feed additives and has production facilities in Europe, the USA and China - including Burgos, where the ZAGRO truck is being used now.

Adisseo develops and produces nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed. In order to move the quantities of animal feed between the road and the tracks in the production facilities, a flexible and reliable partner is required. The road rail vehicle of the ZAGRO series is ideally suited for this purpose, as it can maneuver large quantities. It combines proven truck and rail technologies and is designed for a tractive force of 2800 tons / 100 axles. In addition, the vehicle has two driven axles that are suitable for 1668 mm wide rail tracks. This ensures high traction.

The driver's cab is comfortably furnished with two ergonomically designed driver's cabs and offers comfort even for longer operations. The 29-tonne shunting vehicle has a safety driving circuit and modern control technology with a colour display as a rerailing aid.