GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN supplies a locomotive to the largest aluminum melting and rolling factory in the world

In August 2022, the company Aluminium Norf GmbH, or "Alunorf" for short, in Neuss took delivery of a new 4-axle shunting locomotive of type D75 B'B'. With an area of around 577,000 m² and 2,200 employees, Alunorf is the largest aluminum smelting and rolling plant in the world and is a leader in the production of hot- and cold-rolled aluminum strip. Around 1.5 million tons of rolled aluminum leave the Neuss plant every year, from which their customers manufacture, for example, cans, foils and automotive panels. The shunting locomotive has a total weight of 90 tons and is equipped with a 708 kW CAT C27 engine. The locomotive's engine complies with the currently required Stage V emissions standard and can also be operated with alternative fuels under full warranty conditions.