TERBERG/ZAGRO shunting vehicle for track construction in Tanzania

ZAGRO delivered a TERBERG/ZAGRO RR 282 shunting vehicle to Tanzania. The proud owners, the large construction company Yapi Merkezi, already launched the new helper into operation. The company is currently realizing a large track construction project in East Africa. The vehicle is used on the most critical 205 kilometer long part of the line between Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro. When all five parts of the line are completed, it will connect Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, providing the access to the Indian Ocean.

The flexibility and high traction performance of the TERBERG/ZAGRO road/rail vehicle have convinced the operators all along the line. The shunter is designed to pull high trailer loads up to 2800 tons / 100 axles.

In our short video you will see how the heavily loaded wagons are transported and the gravel stones are poured out over the newly laid tracks.