Height world record - two Unimogs climbed to 6694 height meters in Chile

As part of the extreme event "High Altitude Truck Expedition" in mid-December 2019, two Mercedes-Benz Unimogs type U 5023 broke the height world record when reaching 6694 meters in Chile. The principal aim of the expedition was to install a system of four emergency radio units in the Chilean Andes and the Atacama Desert in the area of the volcanic mountain Ojos del Salado. As an overall system, these four emergency radio units are intended to improve the safety for mountaineers and scientists of the University of Atacama and to shorten the duration of mountain rescue operation.

When the emergency radio system was established, the ten-person expedition team tackled the next milestone: to beat the world height record of wheeled vehicles. The two off-road Unimogs were specially configured and perfectly equipped for the difficult expedition during one and a half years of project development. Never before had a vehicle reached the height of 6694 meters all over the world.

As Unimog bodybuilder, project partner and especially as enthusiastic Unimog fans, we appreciate the success of this campaign and the spectacular world record achieved by the two Unimogs in Chile. Our ZAGRO team is happy to congratulate the team of Extrem Events!