ZAGRO E-MAXI M – new generation

For the ZAGRO team, the year 2020 is full of challenges and rich in important milestones. After 12 years of E-MAXI production, we are pleased to introduce you to the new generation of the ZAGRO E-MAXI series, which incorporates our many years of experience. We are pleased to present our customers a new model from the range of emission-free shunters.

The new, manoeuvrable, 4.5 tons heavy electric shunter ZAGRO E-MAXI M is perfect for shunting work in depots and / or outside the factory sites. The patented all-wheel steering enables operation in narrow work zones. Turning on the spot performs with low tyre wear. Different coupling systems are available also as customer-specific solutions. The control of the shunting vehicle via radio remote control allows efficient one-man operation. As standard, two travel speeds can be set: from 0 to 3 kph and from 0 to 6 kph. The vehicle is designed for different track gauges from 1000 mm to 1676 mm.

The first vehicles are delivered to happy customers, among others to the Indian Railway. Our ZAGRO team wishes good and safe shunting operations.

The new shunting vehicle is presented in the best way in the video.