Two track gauges - one shunting vehicle

The Lithuanian Railways rely on the TERBERG / ZAGRO RR282 6x4. The railway company received three 29 tons heavy shunting vehicles. The new vehicles are equipped with a wagon brake system up to 2800 tons / 100 axles and convince with their strong shunting performance.

The railway company transports the cargo on the wide Russian 1520 mm railway track and on 1435 mm standard track. The special feature of the vehicles is the design of the rail guide system for both track gauges. The axles can be hydraulically adjusted from standard track to wide track using a control panel.

Watch the video about the adjustment of the rail guide system.

A smart design performance was required for the production of the customer-specific coupling system. The SA3 coupling and the UIC tow hook coupling were installed in one unit.

For smooth shunting operation, the vehicles are equipped with a radio remote control, a driver cab for two operators, LED color displays for easy on-tracking, a signal light and warning system E (BOA), rail guide lighting perfect for night operation and pneumatically hinged footholds. These shunting vehicles are also prepared for an outside operating temperature from -30 °C to + 40 °C.