ZAGRO road/rail Unimog U 423 now available with lifting aid for the coupling bar

At specific customer's request, ZAGRO developed a lifting aid for the coupling bar. This lifting aid is mounted at the front of the road/rail Unimog. The lifting aid allows the installation and dismounting of the heavy coupling bar in one-man operation. The procedure is demonstrated in the video.

Equipped with a wagon brake system for 800 tons trailing load, the ZAGRO road/rail vehicle Unimog U 423 will in future ensure a smooth shunting work in an industrial plant in North Rhine-Westphalia. After delivery and instruction of the customer, the shunting vehicle will undergo the complex acceptance procedure in order to be approved as a traction vehicle according to BOA.

The vehicle is equipped with radio remote control for shunting operations, LED signal light systems, color displays for controlled rerailing, rail guidance lighting ideal for night operations, automatic coupling bar and pneumatically hinged footholds.