Road rail Unimog for shunting work in romania

A new Unimog U 423 with ZAGRO road rail equipment has been put into operation at Rail Logistics in Romania. The company specializes in the maintenance and cleaning of tank wagons used to transport petroleum, food and powdered products.

The new owners made a conscious decision in favor of the ZAGRO road-rail vehicle Unimog U 423. The time factor played an important role in this decision. In order to be able to react quickly and keep idle times to a minimum, it was necessary to purchase a vehicle for flexible use. In terms of flexibility and costs, a road rail vehicle goes beyond a shunting locomotive with comparable pulling power. In contrast to rail-based concepts, the ZAGRO road rail vehicle ensures the quick change between road and rail.

Equipped with a powerful wagon brake system, the road rail Unimog is designed for a maximum trailer load of 1000 tons / 52 wagon axles. The vehicle ensures reliable and quick maneuvering and towing of tank wagons on the tracks of the industrial site.

In the video you will see how the new shunting vehicle moves heavy loads without any problems.