ZAGRO E-MAXI XL – EBO approved tractor also available as a rental vehicle

Currently, the versatile ZAGRO E-MAXI XL is in operation in Villach, Austria. The two-way vehicle is homologated as per § 32 of the Railway Construction and Operational Regulations (EBO) and § 40 ÖBB (Austrian Railways) based on BMK. As a result, the heavy-duty electric tractor can be used for the shunting work in the depots of ÖBB as the largest mobility service provider in Austria. The railway company has opted for a ZAGRO battery tractor from the rental pool.

If a shunting device is only needed temporarily or for a longer term, ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH offers environmentally friendly technology from its young machine park. Click here for an overview of the rental offers.

The 15.5 tons heavy vehicle is equipped with a wagon brake system for 800 tons trailing load, buffers and a radio remote control to ensure safe and quick maneuvering. On the vehicle, a standing place is available for the operator.