Hengl in Limberg made a conscious decision in favor of a road-rail Unimog

The Austrian company Hengl Mineral GmbH proudly put a really powerful vehicle into operation. The company is active in the area of mining and production of mineral raw materials for the building trade, construction industry and raw material recycling. At the Limberg location, all shunting work is carried out by the Unimog U 423 road-rail vehicle. The Unimog has a ZAGRO rail guide device for operation on standard track gauge. Equipped with a wagon brake system for 800 tonnes / 52 axles, the road-rail Unimog effortlessly maneuvers the wagons weighing several tons on the factory premises. When the rail loading has been completed, the ÖBB takes over the further transport of the loaded wagons.

The new owners are clearly proud of their new acquisition. A new video shows the shunting vehicle in action.