Unimog road-railer: a real powerpack in the nuclear power plant

The dismantling of Isar I is already in full progress. The dismantling of Isar II is planned for 2023. For this, the ageing technology had to be replaced by a powerful Unimog of the new generation. Since last October, a ZAGRO Unimog U 423 road-rail vehicle has been in service at PreussenElektra. The new vehicle will be used as a shunting vehicle on the site of the power plant.

The spent nuclear fuel elements are loaded into castors. A loaded castor weighs about 130 tons. After the complex loading process, the castor is hoisted onto a twelve-axle wagon. With the road-rail Unimog, the heavy castors are moved on rail to the intermediate storage facility on the power plant site.

For this special and trustworthy task, the Unimog has been built into a real powerpack. The vehicle is equipped with a high-performance wagon braking system to have a pull and braking power for 800 tons load. Thanks to its weight-equalizing plate at the rear and the cast-frame bumper at the front, the road rail vehicle weighs 12.5 tons in total. Said weight presses the shunting vehicle firmly onto the tracks to achieve optimum traction.

The Euro 6 emission standard played a major role in the decision to purchase the new U 423. The Unimog will be operated in the factory hall as well, where any emission is strictly observed.