Two ZAGRO road-rail Unimog U 423 for the subway network

After extensive engineering work, the project for our overseas customer has now been successfully completed. Two Unimog of the new generation were built as shunting and work vehicles for the subway network. The identical twin vehicles are equipped with the bogie system for railway operation. Thus, they drive in narrow curve radii up to approx. 17 m and are especially suitable for the local rail transport systems. For fast and safe shunting work, each road-rail vehicles contains a wagon braking system up to 600 tons and a coupling system with electric height adjustment. Its sand scattering system ensures better traction in winter conditions when starting up and braking.

A special hydraulic lifting swivel device is installed to the vehicles. This enables the tracked vehicle to be rotated by 180 degrees and thus offers the optimal solution for return journeys over long distances on rail sections without on and off-tracking possibilities. This special feature is important for the work to be executed in the subway network. In addition, the road-rail vehicles are equipped with front attachments: alternately, either a snow blower or a sweeper can be operated.