The ZAGRO E-MAXI L - emission-free shunting for Siemens in Israel

The Siemens company has chosen a ZAGRO E-MAXI L battery-powered shunting unit. Following the conclusion of the contract between Siemens and Israel Railways, Siemens supplied trains for the new depot in Ashkelon. In this depot, maintenance and servicing of trains is carried out, partially by means of an underfloor wheel lathe. The depot also has an electrified train line. The ZAGRO E-MAXI L is the future-oriented partner here as an emission-free shunting device.

The E-MAXI L is particularly impressive due to its compact size, which makes it easy to manoeuvre even in the tightest of spaces. Despite its modest weight of 7.7 tons, the shunter has a maximum towing capacity of 350 tons. With its track gauge of 1435 mm, it easily shunts trains in the depot.

The operator can control the emission-free shunting device via a radio remote control. The E-MAXI L also has a camera system. Using WiFi, the video is transmitted directly to the operator's tablet.

The ZAGRO team is pleased about the cooperation with Siemens and looks confidently into a low-emission future.