Battery-powered shunting vehicle ZAGRO E-MAXI XXL in use at LogServ in Austria

The battery-powered shunting vehicle ZAGRO E-MAXI XXL has now been in use at LogServ since autumn 2021. Around 10 million tons of raw materials are supplied to the blast furnaces in Linz, by the plant locomotives operated by LogServ. With the ZAGRO E-MAXI XXL, this process is now even more efficient and, above all, sustainable. The shunting vehicle is used on the ore elevated railroad between the sinter plant and the unloading bunkers. However, before this could happen, there was a list of requirements in advance in order to shunt in the highly demanding environment that prevails at the plant. The requirements included battery operation by a battery of sufficient size with short charging cycles, a powerful compressor and air accumulator that can open flaps for unloading raw material cars, adequate cooling throughout the vehicle's interior, 1,000 tons of tractive force, and a radio remote control with easy handling for one-man operation. All these criteria are combined in the E-MAXI XXL. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries, around 40,000 liters of diesel fuel are saved annually. This not only makes the shunting vehicle environmentally friendly, but also keeps operating costs low. For the future, we trust that other companies will also take advantage of the benefits of our battery-powered shunting vehicle.

You can also find another article about this project on the LogServ website: iSi-Robot: Elektrisches Rangiergerät nachhaltig am Zug (