A powerful ZAGRO road-rail vehicle at Tampere Tramway in Finland

ZAGRO supplied a road-rail Unimog with two 25-ton trailers through the Finnish Unimog general representative VEHO OY AB. The Unimog base vehicle is a U 430 equipped with a guidance bogie system from ZAGRO, which among other things makes it possible to drive on tight radii.

The road-rail vehicle is currently in use on the tramway and city rail system in the Finnish city of Tampere. Here, it provides track maintenance and repair with its trailers.

The two trailers were equipped by ZWEIWEG with a rail guidance system for special operation on the tracks. The trailers have a 30,000-liter water capacity that is used to irrigate the grass track and clean the track infrastructure. The irrigation is automatically adjusted to the driving speed, so that a constant amount of water is directed into the grass surface. Special nozzles provide rain-like irrigation that does not damage the delicate soil. Both trailers have three special spray bars under the frame. Each car is also equipped with a high-pressure water gun that can be used to manually wash tracks, passenger bridges and other areas on the track.