Professional Excursion ZAGRO Group

On 29th August 2015 the staff of ZAGRO, ZWEIWEG, SRT and GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN took off for a two-day professional excursion. The first stop was the Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau where several committed Unimog experts showed the participants around the museum and the special exhibition “The Unimog on rails”. After this, a picture presentation and vivid conversations brought the Unimog’s history to life. In the museum’s outside area the ZAGRO Group staff had the possibility to get in a Unimog and go through a special course along with experienced drivers. Especially in the extreme gradients of the course the Unimog presented impressively its high efficiency and drivability. A demonstration of the on and off-tracking procedure of road/rail vehicles and a short drive on the museum’s track section made the program perfect. With a delicious dinner the participants ended the evening on a cozy note.

On Sunday morning, the colleagues visited the second stop: the central workshop of the Karlsruhe Transport Authority KVV. During the tour through the various garages the participants received detailed information about KVV vehicles, maintenance plans, wear and tear repairs and availability planning. A tasty joint lunch on the journey home completed these two interesting and informative days.