"Red Line Project" in Tel Aviv relies on technology from ZAGRO

The "Red Line" in Tel Aviv is a light rail line that connects Petah Tikva main station with Bat Yam. The operating company Tevel Metro uses three powerful Unimog vehicles (type U 423) from ZAGRO. These vehicles play a crucial role in maintenance and rescue situations.

The Unimogs are equipped with special features such as a turntable rail guide, an scissor lift table and an loading crane. As a result, they enable precise and flexible maintenance of the light rail infrastructure. One Unimog acts as a rescue vehicle, transporting rescue and rerailing equipment to provide rapid assistance in an emergency. All three Unimogs have coupling technology to tow away damaged streetcars and restore smooth operation of the light rail system.

The combination of innovative technology from ZAGRO and a dedicated team of employees from Tevel Metro undoubtedly has the potential to make a lasting improvement to urban life in Tel Aviv.