GMH Group Sets Standards with D60 C Shunting Locomotive

The GMH Group stands as one of Europe's leading privately held conglomerates in the metallurgical industry. Within the GMH Group, the expertise of 20 medium-sized production companies specializing in steel, forging, and casting has been successfully amalgamated.

A standout exemplar of GMH Group's innovation and prowess is its collaboration with GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of shunting locomotives. GMEINDER recently delivered a D60 C shunting locomotive boasting a power output of 708 kW for internal shunting operations at GMH Bahn + Service GmbH. This robust 3-axle shunting locomotive weighs 66 tonnes and stands as an impressive testament to German engineering excellence.

What sets this shunting locomotive apart is its capability to run on renewable fuels. This eco-friendly approach makes a significant contribution to environmental conservation and underscores GMH Group's commitment to a sustainable future.

The partnership between GMEINDER and GMH Group serves as a prime example of synergy and innovation at its finest.