Unimog U 423 shunting vehicle from ZAGRO in Colombia

Sierra Col Energy, a leader in mineral oil and natural gas production and processing is the largest of its kind in Colombia. Once again the company relies on ZAGRO shunting technology. For some time, the company has been operating a ZAGRO Unimog U 400 shunter. Recently, another ZAGRO Unimog U 423 shunting vehicle has been delivered. These vehicles not only serve as ordinary means of transport, but they have also been specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of this unique field of application.

The tasks that these vehicles perform are of vital importance to Sierra Col Energy. Not only do they transport workers during shift changes, but they are also responsible for transporting equipment such as drills for deep drilling and equipment for developing the oil wells. The special thing about this is that these operations take place on an artificially created island in a swamp flood plain in the rainforest. This requires the use of elevated tracks to guide the vehicle safely through the difficult terrain.

Another notable feature of this project is the area of application itself. It is located in the Colombian rainforest, very close to the border with Venezuela. The challenges and uniqueness of this location make this fleet of vehicles and their role in oil production a fascinating example of innovative solutions in the industry. Sierra Col Energy once again demonstrates its ability to operate successfully in challenging environments, relying on specially adapted vehicles.