ZWEIWEG builds rescue vehicle

Based on a Mercedes-Benz AROCS 1833 4x4, ZWEIWEG has built an emergency vehicle for Verkehrsbetriebe Potsdam. The vehicle is to be used for recovery and rescue operations for buses and trains. It has a turntable rail guide at the front and rear for use on tracks with a radius of curvature of up to 18 meters. The friction wheel drive in combination with the all-wheel drive enables highest towing capacities.

A cable winch with a pulling force of 5 tons is fitted to the vehicle. The vehicle body is of weight-saving sandwich construction. A grounded protective roof extends above the tail lift, protecting the operating personnel from the overhead line.

Inside, there is a shelving system for the recovery equipment as well as a large 15 kVA power generator. The side access ladders are foldable so that the hydraulic components in the racks are easily accessible. Another special feature are the generously dimensioned roller shutters with automatic light switching.

A well thought-out lighting concept with interior lighting, working and searchlights, underbody and ambient lighting turns night into day. Several camera systems are mounted on the track undercarriage as well as on the rear of the vehicle, enabling comfortable and safe maneuvering and single-tracking.