Hybrid catenary installation vehicle for BOGESTRA

From now on - reinforcement at BOGESTRA with the second hybrid catenary installation vehicle from ZWEIWEG.

For use in Bochum and Gelsenkirchen, ZWEIWEG has supplied another vehicle with a HUBMEISTER aerial work platform and hydrostatic rail guidance device for the rail gauges of 1000 mm and 1435 mm. This new vehicle is equipped with a ZWEIWEG HUBMEISTER aerial work platform and is mainly used for catenary repair. As standard, the gauge of this ZWEIWEG vehicle can be changed for operation in Bochum and Gelsenkirchen. This means that it is appropriate for the use in the entire BOGESTRA network. For work in tunnels, at night or in residential areas, the aerial work platform, and the hydrostatic rail travel drive can be operated fully electrically. The diesel engine then remains switched off, and the on-board batteries ensure emission-free operation with minimal noise.