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The ZAGRO Group

The association

ZAGRO Group - Full range in the field of road rail vehicles and shunting technology

The association of the three companies ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH, ZWEIWEG International GmbH & Co. KG and GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH develop, design and produce innovative road rail and shunting technology in close coordination. With our combined expertise, we deliver quality Made in Germany for use on roads and rails all over the world.

With commitment, expertise and enthusiasm, we make it to an innovation leader in our field. The variety of our products ensures that every customer gets the optimal system solution from us.


Our shunting vehicles, locomotives and road rail working vehicles are operated by railway and transport companies, in industry and ports, among others. 

At a Glance

We employ 330
staff members
We are particularly proud of the high level of expertise and long staff tenure of our employees.
We achieve 64
Mio Euro sales volume
Over the last five years, we have seen continuous growth in sales.
We record 50
% export share
The high level of reliability and safety of ZAGRO Group products creates trust by our customers worldwide.
We offer more than 100
years of experience
Our customers benefit from the know-how and decade-long experience in the field of road rail and shunting technology.

Production capability - state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies

Technology transfer and consistent use of system modules: The ZAGRO Group bundles the resources of its companies and links their competences. Thus, the same technical components are found in all products. This means high parts availability and cost optimization in purchasing. 
The in-house production of the components and technical assemblies comprises the following production steps: turning and milling, lasers, sheet metal processing, welding, painting, pre-assembly of the assemblies and final assembly. The quality control of the completed vehicles is carried out by our expert staff.

The shared use of the machine park ensures optimum utilization and reduces unit labour costs. The high level of manufacturing depth in the Group makes us more independent of suppliers. Through regular knowledge exchange, the know-how of the employees is maintained and used. All these synergy effects are for your benefit as our customer.

We focus on improving our production lines and investing in new facilities to deliver reliable quality products.

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