MINI Railcar Mover

Technical features

  • Max. trailer load 150 t (if no gradient)
  • For level-even and open track sites
  • Appropriate for track pits
  • For track gauges from 1000 mm to 1668 mm
  • Safe starting and braking operation via the continuously controlled hydraulic drive (speed 3-5 kph)
  • Can be easily moved to the track location thanks to its rubber tired wheels
  • Gasoline or gas engine options available
  • Licensed by the Deutsche Bundesbahn Researching Institute of Minden
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MAXI Railcar Mover

Technical features 

  • Traction and  brake capacity up to 200 t on level-even track
  • Use on open and level plane track systems
  • For track gauges from 1000 mm to 1668 mm
  • Safe starting and braking operation via the continuously controlled hydraulic dirve (speed 3-5 kph)
  • Easy coupling to the front of the wagon to be moved
  • Swivelling control handle to change the shunting direction and move the wagons in either direction without removing the unit
  • Gasoline or gas engine options available 
  • Radio remote control option available
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WRG Forklift Railcar Mover

Technical features

  • Push/pull capacity and braking effect up to 300 t on level-even tracks (model SL6 up to 600 t)
  • Use on level plane and open track systems
  • The railcar mover is driven by a forklift truck ranging from 1.5 to 9 tons
  • For track gauges from 1000 mm to 1668 mm
  • Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the railcar mover
  • Robust and maintenance free construction
  • Licensed by Deutsche Bundesbahn Researching Institute of Minden
  • Authorized by the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association
  • Option: mechanical coupling system
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Waggonrangiergerät WRG

Shunting on multi-purpose carriers

For shunting trailer loads up to approx. 300 tons, light multi-purpose carriers from the municipal sector are used with tire gauge suitable for the track gauge. These compact shunting vehicles are an economical solution for easy shunting thanks to the high coefficient of friction between the rubber drive tires and the steel rail. 

Depending on the operational requirements, the vehicles offer:

  • Rail guiding systems for all track gauges from narrow to wide gauge
  • Guidance bogies for narrow curve radii
  • Customer-specific coupling systems
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric railway wagon braking system
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