• August Steinmetz and Anton Gmeinder found the company Steinmetz & Gmeinder KG in Mosbach (Baden).

  • Change of the company name to Anton Gmeinder & Cie.

  • Delivery of the first field railway locomotive type MLK with benzene engine.

  • Delivery of the first locomotive with compressorless engine and hydraulic Lentz transmission.
    Change of the company name to Badische Motor-Lokomotivwerke AG.

  • The newly expanded factory building at the current location in Mosbach is occupied.

  • Change of the company name to Anton Gmeinder & Co. GmbH Lokomotiven- und Maschinenfabrik.

  • Delivery of the first small locomotive type KÖ I to the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft.

  • Inauguration of the extended factory facilities.

  • Construction of three-axle diesel-electric locomotives for BBC.

  • Manufacture of transmissions for locomotives and railcars of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

  • Delivery of the first small locomotive type KÖF II to the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

  • Delivery of battery locomotives to the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

  • Construction of three- and four-axle locomotives with explosion protection equipment for chemical factories.

  • Delivery of the first locomotive with articulated shaft drive to MEG.

  • Development of the small locomotive KÖF III for the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

  • Delivery of two locomotives to Togo.
    Further development of the KÖF III now with articulated shaft drive.

  • A four-axle locomotive with electrical power transmission is being built in cooperation with Siemens.

  • Change of the company name to Carl Kaelble & Gmeinder GmbH (CKG).

  • Development of a new drivetrain for the locomotive series Z61, Z62 and Z63 of the Swedish State Railways.

  • Delivery of 11 locomotives to the Norwegian State Railways.

  • Development of locomotives according to the "Specification for Standard Locomotives" by BDE (Federal Association of German Railways).

  • Construction of diesel-electric shunting locomotives with three-phase power transmission together with Siemens.

  • Change of the company name to Kaelble-Gmeinder GmbH.
    Construction of ten locomotives with hydrostatic power transmission for Metro Singapore.

  • Two-power locomotives E/DE 110 for the Berlin transport company BVG.

  • Delivery of two locomotives Gmf 4/4 to Rhaetian Railway.

  • Battery locomotives for Hamburger Hochbahn with three-phase drive from Siemens.

  • Delivery of a grinding control car to the Cologne transport company KVB.

  • Change of the company name to Gmeinder Lokomotiven- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH.
    In the same year four diesel-electric working locomotives are delivered to Metro Athens.

  • Line locomotive D110 BB is developed for the Styrian State Railways in Austria.

  • Outsourcing of the locomotive division to Gmeinder Lokomotivenfabrik GmbH. 
    Further development of the program for two-, three- and four-axle "steelworks locomotives" D25 B, D60 C and D75 BB. Deliveries are made to steel mills, chemical factories and refineries in Germany and Austria. 
    The first narrow gauge locomotives D75 BB-SE are delivered to the Zillertalbahn. A total of seven locomotives of this type are being built, also for the Austrian Federal Railways and the Salzburger Lokalbahn.

  • Development of the series 214 modernization concept for Alstom Locomotive Service GmbH.
    Conversion of the prototype locomotive and delivery of components for 35 additional locomotives.

  • New foundation of GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH as a member of the company alliance ZAGRO Group. 
    Further development of the three-axle locomotive type D60 C.

  • GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH receives an order for development and delivery of vehicle controls and cabs for the modernization of the series 714 rescue train locomotives for Deutsche Bahn AG. 
    The 100th anniversary of the company is celebrated in the newly renovated company buildings.

  • Development of the hybrid locomotive.

  • Expansion of the service and maintenance area by renting additional hall space and expanding the storage area by 650 sqm for spare parts components and production parts for new and used locomotives. 
    The company SHZ Kabinen- und Karosseriebau GmbH  is integrated into GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN GmbH.

  • Development of a modernization concept, which enables the hybridization of many existing diesel-electric locomotives.

  • Development of a modular system, which allows the choice between hybrid version, dual-engine variant or power rail for new locomotives.

  • Development of a new 4-axle battery locomotive for transport companies.
    In cooperation with ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH, a battery-powered road/rail shunting vehicle E-MAXI XXL is being developed. The vehicles are manufactured at the Mosbach site.

  • Joint development of a rail-bound vehicle E-MAXI  XXL  with ZAGRO. The vehicles are manufactured at the Mosbach site.